The Optos Table is an accessory to support the company’s range of retinal scanners. The aesthetic contours on the table base are unique in the medical furniture sector and is sympathetic to the elegant design language of the company’s range of retinal scanners. The base was designed to limit body clashes with the patient’s legs to maximise comfort during the scanning procedure and conforms to ADA regulations for wheelchair access. The wide ranging height adjustable platform (725mm to 1205mm) and the inclusive design of the curved cut-out at the front of the table top allow users of all shapes and sizes to get close under the table and therefore closer to the scanner interface. This configuration allows the user to adopt a natural posture, eliminating neck strain as certain scans can last up to 5 minutes. Up/down switches are fixed to both the left and right side of the table providing flexibility of use for the operator. Integrated features in the table also allows the attachment of a display arm (for the scan result) and a patient armrest (for injections). The carefully selected castors and compact design of the table allow for easy manoeuvrability in and out of different clinics.

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