THEAL Therapy is an innovative and patented multi-functional platform for photomedicine. It is the first device in the world that emits up to 8 wavelengths simultaneously. Based on 7 exclusive patents, it has become the modern benchmark of photo and laser therapy. Thanks to the revolutionary system to create a custom mix of wavelengths, wide range of power and patented temperature control of tissue, THEAL has wide application possibilities ensuring fast and excellent therapeutic results.
Extensive technological performance is combined with numerous innovative, ergonomic design solutions, such as an innovative magnetic system of handpieces support platforms, sophisticated hidden air intake system, mobility, and cleanability. A modular design has an integrated shape and a clear, high-quality look.
A special design solution of the modular device allows simple transformation of the head control unit, adapting it for the needs of the TECAR therapy device, while at the same time providing a clear identification of the different functionality of two devices.

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