This G.LAB MD4780 Easy-to-use & Easy-to-read Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is design for home users and healthcare professionals. This blood pressure monitor is intended to measure the systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate by one touch easy operation.

It is different with the traditional blood pressure monitor. This monitor comes with 5 direct access buttons located on the right top within easy reach of the right hand thumbs. The menu action layout is straight forward. Users can quickly access to sound mode, alarm mode, clock mode, average record mode and memory mode without the need to refer to instruction manual or memorize the hidden short cut to access different mode.

Another advantages of this product is the jumbo display with WHO chart. This monitor equip with a 6.5” jumbo display which is very rare in the market. This big display give a big benefit to the elders and the WHO chart give users a better picture of their blood pressure values.

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