Genetically engineered immune cells are powering patients’ fight against cancer, yet to succeed in their attack, these cells must function correctly. IsoPlexis’ platform, recognized as both The Scientist’s and Fierce Life Science’s #1 innovation in 2017, utilizes the fully automated IsoLight System to provide clinicians a powerful, yet straightforward answer to predicting immune cell function by measuring 10 times more data per cell versus status quo. The IsoLight’s integrated design creates a leap in the field with answers in 10 minutes or less of hands-on time compared to 4+ hours today, using precision microfluidic systems to automate 14 workflow steps on 8 sensing chips. The high content imaging system captures detailed protein signal information from 2000+ individual cells per chip. The cells are kept alive during the data collection process utilizing the built-in incubator. The clean user interface employs a large touch screen, integrated barcode scanner, and color-changing LED illumination bar, enabling constant monitoring of sample progress. The intuitive IsoSpeak analysis software reduces sample to answer time, aids in actionable decisions, and minimizes user error.

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