This device is a medical device used in the treatment of patients in otorhinolaryngology. This consists of
Spray for medical treatment
Remove foreign substances in the nasal cavity or ear (suction)
Irrigation gun for cleaning nose and ear
Instrument tray for placing and storing diagnostic instrument
Cans that can hold water and disinfectant
Mirror quick heater
Medical grade Full HD camera
Endoscopic LED light source
Irrigator to wash patient’s ear or nose

2.Product Specifications
Power source : AC 220V, 50/60 HZ
Compressor motor : 2.2 Kgf/square cm±0.7 Kgf/square cm(adjustable)
Sprayed capacity : 6 millimeter within 2minutes
Suction : 500 mmHg or more (adjustable) within 30seconds
Maximum suction flow rate : 200 millimeter water suction within 10seconds
Irrigation capacity : 300 millimeter or more per minute
Auto Drain : 100 millimeter within 15 seconds(Option)
Endoscope shelf temperature : : Reach 35 degree Celcius or more within 15 minute
Lamp type : LED(Option)
Illuminance : 60,000 Lux or more(Option)
Color temperature : 5,000k or more(Option)
Memory board : division still image capture (1/2/3/division/Option)

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