Heart disease is the number one killer of human health.The most effective way to check the heart disease is the use of ECG.the current clinical use is with heavy equipment and wire electrode.
Now people usually go to the hospital for physical examination before they can do ECG detection, or when they are uncomfortable, they will go to the hospital for electrocardiogram examination. This method is easy to miss the early signs of heart disease, because the best time to detect is when the heart problem is exposed.
Patients at high risk of heart disease need a simple and easy to use, instant fast detect ECG products.
Easy ECG can be tucked into the wallet only 15g, use fingers to pinch 30 seconds on the mobile phone display ECG and related data.
Particularly,simple heart electricity use big data approach to the analysis of signs of heart disease,and the use of a period of time, and then we can establish a personal heart data model, forecast the change and trend of change possible problems, to capture the heart function in until they are“need to see the doctor“, allows users to feel at ease, assist doctors to provide more treatment right.

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