Dreem is a sleepband that combines the most effective methods, from biofeedback to neuromodulation, to improve your sleep every night. It is a pioneering sleep solution that monitors and analyzes brainwaves, heart rate and breathing frequency during the user’s night and triggers audio-based features to help him fall asleep faster, improve its deep sleep quality and wake him up at the optimal moment.

Rythm worked with Fuseproject, an award-winning design studio, to develop Dreem, focusing on wearability to allow users to sleep comfortably while ensuring that the miniaturized brain-monitoring sensors embedded in the headband remain in contact with precise locations on the user’s head, in order to accurately track sleep and effectively act on it.

The front of the device incorporates four EEG sensors, one pulse oxymeter and two bone-conducting speakers, which emits sound directly into your skull; in this way, only you can hear the noise from the device, without disturbing your partner’s sleep. It doesn’t utilize Bluetooth or Wi-Fi during the night; but it stores its data on an internal CPU, and connects to your phone in the morning when you sync it, to transmit the data to the Dr

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