DFAB® The 3D Printing Revolution in Dentistry:
• Class IIa restoration in one session.
• Photoshade: the natural teeth colour gradient.
• The ultimate technology with the most user friendly interface.

DFAB® Chairside is an all-in-one device that integrates an ultra-high-speed 3D additive manufacturing system with a personal computer that has a user interface managed from a touch-screen monitor.

• It is a safe system that involves the insertion of the cartridge and the automatic
management of the material.
• Disposable cartridges: safe and clean system.
• Vs CAD/CAM milling systems: no dust, no coolant, no tooling, no noise.
• Material waste reduction.
• Easy UV curing with a dental curing UV light (not included).
• Compatible with most intraoral scanners and CAD/CAM systems of the dental sector.
• Compact, simple, elegant design.
• DFAB® Chairside touch-screen functions have been developed to allow operators
to easily control the process thanks to its user-friendly commands.

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