First portable smartphone ECG device as reliable as hospital electrocardiographs allowing anyone to perform an ECG anywhere (eg. 3rd world countries). With its continuous smooth surfaces, the form is easy to approach, yet credible as a medical device. The round shape facilitates an innovative uncoiling mechanism of the cables. A limiting factor in homecare ECG before, the user of D-Heart can wind up all the cables at once, or one at a time, and in any order, with intuitive positioning given by the cable exit direction from the device. The main interface, app, also shows the patient’s own chest with electrodes placed to aid further simplicity and reliability. It has simple step-by-step instructions. D-heart is light, robust, small and portable. Durable plastic as material allows use in any condition. D-Heart can be opened and every part can be replaced. ABS is recyclable. The user can rely on the 24/7 telecardiology service to get results quickly from trusted cardiologists. The device comes in a protective case with a wireless charging station. Everything from device to app to packaging share the same design principle that reflects the D-Heart brand: simplicity meets reliability.

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