Technological advances in mechanical ventilation have enabled medical practitioners to support patients indefinitely who suffer from chronic respiratory disorders. In the last decade more patients are being sent home earlier from hospital. Vivo 45 offers improved survival and quality of life through Safety, Comfort, Control and Ease of use, which are paramount for all patient types whether via tracheotomy or non-invasively ventilation therapy.
Vivo 45 is designed for use at home, or on the go. The aim was to make it easy to use on a daily basis and fit home environment contexts without expressing “medical device”. Therefor shapes and colours signals a positive and friendly attitude, as for a consumer product. The two accentuated buttons on top constitute the main interaction for the patient, visually and semantically simple with tactile form and backlit icons to work in darkness. Screen interaction is reduced to lower the disturbance for the patient in daily use. Advanced screen functions used by e.g therapists has a clear presentation. Vivo 45 is compact yet features humidifier for comfortable air quality, click-in extra battery, foldable ergonomic handle and alt. sidecolors.

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