AYO is the world’s most advanced light-based wearable for improving sleep, boosting energy, and beating jet lag, by regulating our body clock.

Our mission is to help people feel energized in a natural way so they can enjoy healthier, happier and more active lives.

With AYO you can:

SLEEP BETTER: Improve your sleep quality in less than 5 days. Fall asleep easily and wake up naturally.
BOOST YOUR ENERGY: Reduce fatigue and energy drop. Get energized in 20 minutes and feel refreshed.
BEAT JET LAG: Adapt to a new time zone 2 to 3 times faster and travel seamlessly.

AYO uses scientifically proven, safe and certified blue light. It is based on Nobel prize research and 20+ years of studies in leading institutions such as Harvard, Oxford and NASA.
With its innovative design, the AYO wearable is completely controlled by the AYO App with proprietary smart programs for better sleep, travel and energy! Depending on your needs and lifestyle, the AYO App provides you with the most optimal time to use it.

Similar to the light on a bright sunny day, AYO helps us wake up by suppressing melatonin, our sleep hormone, and thus, helping us regulate our body clock.

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