It is a wearable antiemetic product which uses friendly and smooth shape, moderate material and can provide a comfortable user experience. The dizziness-preventing antiemetic instrument applies the transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation. It provides a more stable curative effect and can prevent the side effects caused by taking the antiemetic agent such as constipation, drowsiness, dry mouth and blurred vision. The material selection of the antiemetic instrument is extremely strict. The material used on the part directly in contact with skin is covered by environmental friendly medical material which is recyclable, degradable and can be reutilized.
this products corresponding to 3 different usages.
Scene one: At last! A remedy to reduce symptoms of early morning sickness in pregnant women!
Scene two: To be used in chemotherapy –Reduce the side effects of drugs inter alia vomiting symptoms
Scene three: To be used in reducing and eliminating dizziness, motion sickness, seasickness and other symptoms of nausea caused by VR Games

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