Degrees matter–beginning with the degree of care and comfort patients feel before, during and after surgery. We’ve designed the new 3M™ Bair Hugger™ Warming Unit Model 675 to improve these important aspects of a patient’s experience–the outcomes–with a clinically effective solution that delivers improved functionality, versatility, ease of use/transport and market-leading performance.
Using a holistic, user-centered design approach and a strong cross-functional team, we were also able to improve workflow for clinicians and nurses in the OR and transport process. Its enhanced ergonomic hose end design allows for easy blanket insertion and a secure, reliable fit. The user interface uses globally recognized medical symbols and numbers, eliminating the need for language. The unique, tapered design delivers a bold new look while the shape helps drive any fluid spilled on the device down to the bottom. With no area for fluid to pool, product cleaning is made easier.
Through our diverse, cross-functional team we were able to create a product that exceeded customer requirements while delivering market leading performance and giving clinicians the peace of mind their patients are safe.

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