IKA® Trayster digital

The IKA® Trayster digital is an exceptionally versatile overhead shaker. The device can be used flexibly in applications with biological samples, particularly blood samples. It is suitable for separating and mixing powder and liquid samples. Thanks to the range of different attachments, which can be combined as required, the device is compatible with the most common container sizes used in laboratories. All attachments can be mounted and removed quickly and easily via the quick-release catch, which also makes it easier to clean the device after use. All attachments can be installed permanently if required.
With its clear lines and open design, the product encloses and protects its working area. The open design makes it easy for the user to access the medium and clean the device. The compact design and ergonomic carry handles support the mobile and flexible nature of the Trayster.
The product was designed to be easy to operate. An additional timer function allows the user to plan and duplicate tests effectively.

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