The joident medical sealing machine is made by mental and plastic, fiting ergonomic and practical design.The positioning system keeps the paper locked in place and prevents rewinding of the roll after cutting and sealing.
Space advantages:
The joident Medcial sealing machine have 3 different installations, meet different space desired.
Function advantages:
12mm wide seal in just 4 seconds (under 200 degrees centigrade constant temperature heater)and can seal max 300mm length.
The both side covers have double colors LED indicator and automatic buzzer when the machine is working.
Safety advantages(structure):
1.Burning resistant protection. Sealing automatic turnoff heating technology after 4 seconds,prevent the sealing paper burn scorched.
2.Against the cut protection. Hidden slide cutter,the operator is not easy to be injured.
3.8A fuse Over current protection.
4.Ground fault protection.

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