RepliGen’s OPUS “Open Platform User Specified” chromatography columns have been intentionally designed to offer users unparalleled flexibility in biological purification. With a completely configurable and disposable pre-packed platform, the OPUS column can accommodate a wide range of purification and polishing applications for vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and recombinant proteins. Compared to traditional chromatography columns the simplified design of the OPUS platform allows for faster product changeover, favorable economics, and improved usability. The OPUS column is configurable for nearly any bed height and accepts virtually all commercially available filtration resins. The fully ergonomically designed handles allow for effortless transport through the lab, while easily accessible inlet and outlet ports streamline the typically labor intensive set up process. Not only has the OPUS column been developed to be configurable for specific packing procedures, release tests, and storage solutions, but it maintains a unified design across the product platform.

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