RAN 30×0 – External cleaning machine for sealed ampoules, vials and cartridges High-pressure cleaning For the safety of personnel and customers as well as an undisturbed processing, thorough cleaning of the outside surfaces of filled and sealed receptacles such as injection bottles, ampoules, or cylinder ampoules is essential. This applies especially for highly potent and/or freeze-dried products. With the new external cleaning machine RAN 30×0 you will reach a level of cleaning quality that has never been achieved before, thus ensuring that your receptacles remain free of product residues or other contaminants. Benefits at a glance: – Best cleaning and drying system with high-pressure nozzles – Cleaning of nearly the entire receptacle surface – Active protection of the caps – Application of three different cleaning agents – Servo technology for adaptable procedures and short changeover times – Low level of contamination, easy cleaning, and efficient operation due to “Hygienic Design” – Flexible integration into the product lines with Bosch barrier systems – Management of spare parts at favorable costs due to the identical-part concept

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