Mouzip is a new way of disposing of the dead bodies of animals after experiments. Currently, the dead bodies of small experimental animals are incinerated after being wrapped in paper towel or foil. This is an unethical method to dispose of sacrificed animals and could involve hygiene problems. Therefore, Mouzip was devised to solve these problems. This device consists of a package made of foldable, stiff material and a fold-out drape, which is fastened to the package. The fold-out drape can absorb all liquids that may occur during experiments. This means researchers can conduct experiments hygienically and professionally. After wrapping the animals in Mouzip, the device forms a triangular prism shape. The triangular shape was designed to symbolize a coffin and represent respect for the dead experimental animals. Also, this shape offers high space utilization until the time of frozen storage or incineration. With the simple steps of folding and rolling, Mouzip enables the disposal of the dead bodies of animals efficiently, hygienically, and ethically. Also, from the preparation to the end of the experiment, convenience and hygienic are enhanced.

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