Gatan is the worldwide leader in the production of instrumentation and software used to enhance the performance and extend the capabilities of electron-microscopy equipment. Rio and OneView cameras are entry-level and mid-tier TEM (Transmission Electron microscopy) camera products, respectively. Gatan TEM cameras mount to the column of a TEM, which intercept the light beam transmitted from the sample, and add an unparalleled enhanced magnification (9-15 micrometers) at resolutions 4K+. They are highly precise with incomparable speed and sensitivity, and are fully compatible with all brands of electron microscopes.

Prominent machined aluminum side panel housings support the foundation of Gatan’s branding placement and unify the various form factors of Rio, OneView, and Controllers, also providing design language for future Gatan products to announce later this year. Central to each side panel is Gatan’s logo mark, which makes the use of a single LED and a prismatic diffuser to provide back-lighting behind the logo, and a glowing „halo“ around the badge perimeter. Subsequent housings are folded sheet metal, and machined lead (painted) for highly shielded accuracy in imaging.

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