Eargo is an invisible, rechargeable in-ear hearing aid that is inspired and modeled after the shape of a fishing fly. Eargo was designed first and foremost to be breathable, comfortable and healthy for the ear canal. The idea was to shrink the device down and suspend its electronics using soft medical grade silicone fibers mimicking the fibers of a fishing fly. Our patented Flexi Fibers™ are a breakthrough in hearing device design and unique to Eargo. They allow air to flow naturally through the ear canal, while being strong enough to hold the device firmly in place. And because the Flexi Fibers don’t block the ear canal, some pure, natural bass sounds are able to pass right through which is why the sound quality is exceptional.  Eargos are also rechargeable which means there is no need to buy costly hearing aid batteries and the charge lasts the entire day. The small compact design means the entire device fits in your ear making it virtually invisible to others.

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