“Fun is the main thing” – The new concept MediaMarkt has realized in Eindhoven/NL and Wilrijk/BEL takes up the brand’s slogan and presents the electronics retailer as a driving force for ideas and inspiration. Differently themed freestanding pavilions connect the products with fun and pleasure to create a feeling of “I want this”! The interactive pavilions provide real added value for customers: Events and innovations, conversations with experts, and the chance of trying everything. Video-game fans e.g. can experience their own world in the gaming area, the cooking studio hosts live-cooking events. This content-related, emotional presentation of goods continues in other shop areas, such as Home Entertainment, Beauty & Health, Coffee & Tea, and Smart Living. Customer orientation is facilitated by the elaborate in-store communication and branding elements. Striking “bubbles” on the walls explain the assortment with slogans or cheerful customers and give orientation at once. All touch-points are equipped with the red CI color and address customers directly. The concept puts emphasis on customer needs and shopping experience by embracing the brand’s core value of competitive prices.

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