The S Magazine is a unique platform allowing photographers to give free rein to their visions of fashion and fine-art photography. Exempt from any creative boundaries and constraints, the resulting pictures and videos are powerful, extravagant and full of surprising new perspectives.

With 200 pages, the eighth issue of the S Magazine presents the story of a girl gang in search of happiness in the Wild West – a firework display of romantic, wild, sensual, life-affirming, mysterious and colourful photography – told by Ellen von Unwerth in her inimitable style and produced with a Leica S.

German-born Ellen von Unwerth is without a doubt one of the most influential contemporary fashion photographers and also one of the most important female photographers of the past few decades.

As, like few others, she is able to mobilize big stars for her projects, such as the singer Marilyn Manson or the millionaire James Goldstein, the young musician Caroline Vreeland as well as the performance artist Millie Brown.

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