The task was a fundamental brand relaunch, according to the new holistic one-brand-strategy ›ONE KUKA‹: The global market leader for robotic and automation technology is now seen as a whole, as the sum of its individual sections and competencies.
The creative main idea ›Orange Intelligenz‹ supports and shapes this strategy as well as the new brand appearance, which now adequately conveys KUKA’s positioning as a pioneer and visionary of the Industry 4.0.
KUKA’s unique nature stems from the interplay of its competencies and sectors. Today that could be software, hardware, and mechanics – or the synergies of the sectors ›components‹, ›cells‹, and ›system‹.
Tomorrow this surplus will also arise in the interaction between clients, system partners, and manufacturers. Every KUKA Service, every KUKA product is a result of this interplay.
That is how we define ›Orange Intelligenz‹.

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