This elegant design is inspired by the intimate scene of a couple of swanson a peaceful lake, which is then artistically integrated into the product model. The heart-shape formed between the couple, the sparkling eyes made with blue crystal „Swarovski „, and the traditional Chinese red color symbolize the affectionate love, providing the design with an enthusiastic and joyous feeling and a sentimental color of spiritualism.
Under its elegant model, the product consists of an electric wine opener (the taller swan) and a vacuum preserver (the shorter one). The electric wine opener is capable of opening up to 30 bottles of wine once fully charged. The product also comes with a foil cutter for removing the wine bottle seals. With a push of a button, a bottle can be opened in about 8 seconds, while vacuuming a bottle takes about 20 seconds. All operations are done automatically.
The shell of the product is made of theAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ( ABS) material, and its operation noise level does not exceed 70 decibel.

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