1.The stand-out feature of this amazing grinder is the innovative grinding mechanism that enables easy, one handed operation. Simply shake the grinder up and down for perfectly ground salt and pepper to be delivered quickly and easily onto your food.

2.The secret to this new mechanism is the helix shaped teeth that are the core of this new approach. Meticulously engineered, they guide and hold the peppercorns or salt crystals to enable a perfect grind every time.

3.A benefit of this new grinding mechanism is that has allowed our designers to explore the shape and texture of the product, delivering a grinder that is suited to the vertical motion, rather than the twist we are used to. This results in the elegant, clean lines and stylish finish we see today, that will stand out in any kitchen.

4. Perfect as a gift for newlyweds and homeowners, but also incredibly beneficial to those with mobility issues in their hands that makes the twisting motion of a traditional grinder so difficult to use, this is a product that can remove barriers in the kitchen for many. Freshly ground salt and pepper is something we take for granted and rarely think about, but now, there is an option.

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