1. Easy to use, just turn this stylish grinder upside-down and it automatically grinds for you. Fast, easy grinding without any compromise on quality or performance.
2. Unlike a traditional electric mill, the spices are kept away from the grinding mechanism, ensuring the finest grind without flavour contamination.
3. Stylish and elegant, the pentagonal shape is designed for easy grip when inverted, ensuring safe grinding and ease of use.
4. The ergonomic shape also allows for a larger capacity, holding more salt, pepper or spices than traditional electric mills, and with its wide opening, is easier to fill as well.
5. Using a durable, anticorrosive ceramic core, grinding is fast and efficient, delivering a perfect grind in just a few seconds.
6. With 6 AAA batteries, there is plenty of power to grind even the largest of salt crystals, peppercorns or other spices. This is a tough machine that is always up to the job.
7. An air-tight seal on the top keeps ingredients fresh, free of moisture and other contaminates, while a clever, easy to remove cap ensures there are no leaks onto your lovely clean tablecloth. suitable for the elderly and children.

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