Most Chinese love drinking tea and we always have different kinds of tea leaves at home. However, every kind of tea got its own specific smell and may have to be treated differently. This is why we are used to store our tea leaves in seperate caddies. It would be rather difficult for us to remember the kind of tea leaves each individual tea caddy is carrying especially when we have many types of tea leaves in stock, unless we label every one of them.

Through this set of tea caddies which designer created with the craftsmanship of Royal Selangor, he would like to investigate how ancient calligraphers perceived the beauty of tea culture as well as to illustrate how that echoes with the history of the calligraphy. Pragmatically, the tea names engraved on each tea caddy can be used as a label indicating which kind of tea is stored in it. We may twist the rings on the tea caddies to show the kind of tea leaves inside. When we used up the tea leaves and change to another types, we may simple twist the rings again.

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