ROLL UP is a transformable heatproof coaster, which brings creative insights into people’s everyday life at dining tables.
The designer got the inspiration from his childhood when playing seven-piece puzzle and Rubik’s cube. Having used 3D printing technique throughout the whole modeling and prototyping processes, he finalized the product with high-ignition-temperature, harmless, and edible silica gel. The changeable dimensional space and the gap among the modules of this product perfectly fix the safety problem of stickiness of traditional heatproof coasters.

The ROLL UP Collection consists of cup coasters and pot coasters, each of them has 2 shapes and 5 colors. ROLL UP can be a heatproof coaster when it is open, or the place to put spoons when closed. It can also be used as a fridge magnet when left unused, hassle free for storage.
Overall, by breaking through the traditional design of heatproof coaster, the designer enables this product to be more enjoyable and practical, making it a perfect combination of creative design aesthetics and functionality.

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