NONOO Thermos Mug is designed especially for young people by NONOO, a brand positions itself towards the young generation who stand out of the common and never follow like sheep. NONOO is determined to become a unique and fashion lifestyle brand with young attitude.
Many young Chinese always forget to drink water because of busy work, which endangers health in the long run. Based on market and user researches, NANOO found the conservation and tradition features of thermos mugs in brand identity and appearance, which is one of the reasons why young people have no intention to buy them. Even netizens consider thermos mug a norm of middle-aged and elderly people. What young people need is a fashion mug with unique brand identity and good thermal insulation. On account of the problem and demand, we designed a fashion thermos mug with bold colors and styles. The design of lid gives the mug a unique mode of heat dissipation that ajar and closed caps provide two different duration of heat preservation, by which users can control the heat insulation effect themselves. NANOO has been trying to change lifestyle by design, and that’s also its brand values

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