1. The durable and powerful anticorrosive core is a patented design that delivers a finer grind, with each sugar crystal being ground twice, once horizontally, once vertically, creating the finest sugar powder you can imagine.

2. With such a fine sugar powder, this magic mill helps reduce our sugar intake and encourages a healthier diet, and best of all, it does this without us having to do anything ourselves!

3. The clever design ensures that the ceramic grinding core is kept isolated from the sugar or our fingers, keeping the sugar fresher and ensuring there is no contamination, for perfect tasting sugar every time.

4. The design is simple, reminiscent of traditional utensils of the past, a look enhanced by the cool, retro-chic copper colors, adding that bright, metallic sheen to your kitchen.

5. The sugar is help in a transparent glass jar, ensuring that levels are easily seen, but also creating a wonderful color contrast with the copper, giving this wonderful sugar mill a very eye-catching appearance.

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