Juice gives people a variety of nutrients, especially in the fruit of vitamin C. In the design, we will be the product of the juice set into a „C“ font, a symbol of vitamin C, to remind people to drink fruit juice more healthy. In order to reflect the appearance and function of mixed fruit juice, in the top of the juice machine designed a large funnel-style feed, different fruits can automatically enter the juice screw, squeeze and mix different fruit juice. This product is the first dual power output, using a horizontal and vertical double screw, improve the juice effect. In the juice cavity part, the design of the cyclone twill ribs, enhance the visual effects at the same time, but also enhance the friction effect, to provide juice rate. In cleaning, the product through the horizontal screw to all the pomace discharge, to achieve zero residue. At the same time the product out of the traditional network design, to achieve no net juice, in the cleaning time and water to save more time.

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