This design can make both cold and hot brew coffee.It solved the problem that one product only have one function.Below are how to use our coffee maker to make both cold and hot coffee.
1, Making the hot brew coffee in 3 simple steps:Put 30g middle or coarse coffee grounds into the filter,then pour in about 500ml hot water in 94 celsius.Cover the lid after the process done.Then just enjoy your coffee.
2. Making the cold brew coffee in 4 simple steps:Put about 30-40g coarse coffee grounds into the filter,then pour in proper amount room temperature water to wet the coffee grounds,install the dripper and then pour about 300ml room temperature water and about 200g ice into the dripper,cover the lid and let it drop for about 2 hours,then enjoy the finished coffee.
This design looks simple and easy to use.The stainless steel is eco-friendly and can be used repeatedly,no need the paper filter any more.
The exact design of the slow water dripper makes sure the coffee grounds can be brewed thoroughly by ice and water in needed time.
Comparing with the normal cold brew coffee maker which needs 12-24hours,our design only need 2 hours then can make out the tastest cold brew coffee.

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