55° Moscup can effectively generate a new and safety drinks. Fastest cooling with a 1 minute of light shaking, the 100°C hot drinks can be cooling to 55°C immediately. Iconic touchscreen cap and two inner sensors help to ensure the drinks condition. Corresponding “smart LED” cap will generate an interactive signal “Red to Yellow” for identifying the inner condition of bottle. Inclusive designed bottle and material to allow user using in different conditions and prevent water pouring out by child and elderly when shaking 55° Moscup produced with food grade stainless steel and special coating inner. An advance technology machining for sealed bottle to generate a fully complete enclosed inner. It helps to maintain the water quality in an antibiotics condition. Effective insulation layer allows the drinks maintain the stable temperature in 24 hours in 55° Moscup. Outer casing use a high strengthen PP which made with fully production in extreme condition use. 55° Moscup provide a whole new drinking style, simple and dynamic design to allow users to enjoy with “shake” and “drink” with short time and release from intensive city life.

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