The design of the BK Infinity range is inspired by the classic French professional frypans. By combining these classics with state-of-the-art innovations it results in a superior pan. The pan you need for your culinary creativity!

BK Infinity guarantees years of perfect frying thanks to the high quality materials and techniques. The pans have an ultra-hard base to ensure superior scratch resistance. This hardness is the result of titanium particles which are applied into the pan surface by plasma spraying at a temperature of 15,000 °C. This in combination with the high quality Teflon® Platinum Plus coating ensures the outstanding scratch resistance and non stick performance.
The 6,4 mm base of the pan is strengthened with a full steel bottom, which makes it extra strong, ensures perfect heat transfer and makes the pan ideal for induction. The design of the long handle and the conical shape of the pans makes the frypans perfectly stackable. This unique combination of design and techniques results in this characteristic BK Infinity range.

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