DKB Household identified an opportunity for its Zyliss brand to disrupt and enter the established kitchen knife market.

Using innovation focused on consumer insight, researchers and designers spent time in a variety of households during meal preparation to experience first-hand how they used the knives they already had. A programme of qualitative & quantitative research identified and prioritised the jobs users were trying to achieve and this focussed creative concept development.

The designers explored a range of concepts and developed prototypes of various knife designs addressing the specific unmet user needs from consumer research. Key areas of unmet need centred on concerns around control and hygiene.

The new knife design incorporates patented ‘control points’ to improve user experience.
The scallop design on the blade offers a hand control point for ease of use and a thumb control point on the knife handle allows the knife to be used with equal control by cooks with different hand sizes and grip sand grip strength.

The accompanying knife block design includes anti-bacterial sheaths that are removable for cleaning and prevent 99.9% of the bacterial build-up.

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