Choosing right knives in the kitchen for different purpose can be confused,
at Re-Wish we make it simpler so you can just focus on cooking. Orca11″ chefs knife combines 5 multiple functions in one unique shape, covers over 90% of the job on your chopping board. With its ergonomic handle provides optimum comfort with natural cutting action, and its seamless design provides better durability and bacteria control. Weight balanced between the handle and blade, protects your wrist when full length blade is on duty.
Practical on your food preparation with an additional role of mazzeluna knife for herb, nuts, baking ingredients, yet is handy for cutting pizza when your kitchen takes a day off.

+Natural cutting action with ergonomic comfy grip
+Patented Groovetech anti-stick technology reduces friction for smoother cuts
+German stainless steel provides finest durability
+Self-stand knife cover offers safety protection
+Environmental friendly of its 5-in-1 function

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