This is a cross structure formed by the straight lines which is the characteristics of this knife. The stainless steel part of the handle is smoothly transited with the blade. Full sense of weight when holds in hand, offering a comfortable and powerful using feeling; The handle of stainless steel line, back and edge of the blade is continuous transfixion, one integrated mass, the metallic simple sense is very strong, the color of the handle plastic consistent with blade surface is black, so cool black, make everyone loves it. Blade is made in high-grade steel which is very sharp, and the non-stick coating is food safety, wear-resisting, and easy to clean.
The block is Oak wood which with beautiful texture, and match with five commonly used knives. The bottom with black aluminum alloy support which can pull out and place the Ipad or cooking books, that is convenient for learning cooking. Also, the 3 knife slots are magnetic which can improve the flexibility when putting knives.

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