The knife block „7×2“ by Due Cigni, stems from the idea of a parallelepiped cut into many longitudinal parts held together with a joint system by a base in natural acrylic stone.
The lines are the essential ones, dimensioned for purely functional and safety aspects avoiding the danger of free-cutting blades.
An object with a contained volume, minimally invasive, suitable for wall or flat surface solutions, customizable with the choice of fine wood essences.
With the aid of double-magnet retractable systems, the „7×2“ strain is able to guarantee order and stability to the cutting blades. The solid wood elements on which the blades are placed are treated with an edible oil in opaque finishing.

The 7×2 line offers boards for all days of the week, enriched with precious materials such as natural acrylic stone and wood. The dedicated name expresses the days of the week with dual value use.

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