EUIPO patent no.003466796-0001/002.
The entry was designed for easy and delightful use experience for every day salad making.
The entry was designed and positioned as compact, clean and multi-functional gadget, including 10 functions in 1.The entry allows user to save time and space spending in a kitchen by combining all necessary functions into one single gadget.The entry helps user to create pleasure during healthy diet making experience by using just one gadget.
Many parts of human life have been evolving to higher status, digitization and intelligentization has pulled people out of sweatful jobs by depriving ‘do it yourself’ process and pleasure. Manual kitchen gadget has been an inseparable part of kitchen life but fading to shadow; thus we design this smart little gadget for our users with an attachment who wish to maximize the pleasure but concentrate the process.The whole design was conceptualized when aesthetics echoed functionality. To make the product handy but with multi functions, the entry has applied two complex mechanisms* which do not usually apply in manual kitchen tools or utensils, allowing different functions to be switched easily from one to another.

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