Cook perfect meat and fish every time and at the right cooking speed.
Thanks to this completely wireless cooking thermometer, you can monitor your meats remotely and effortlessly by an App. Our smart cooking thermometer will be your best friend in the kitchen or the BBQ, helping you to cook juicy and flavorful the beef and perfectly done the chicken, lamb or pork.
Innovative: the probe controls via multi sensors, the internal temperature, the cooking speed and the heat strength, alerting if your meat is burning or if the heating source is cooling down.
Precise: the temperature range from -30°C up to 300 °C / -22 °F to 572 °F and resists flare-ups (up to 3 min).
Clever design: the wireless range ups to 100 feet / 30 m (free sight) and the application reconnects automatically after the signal lost. Auto power off after ending the cooking.
Complete: the application to monitor the cooking provides you many foods options including preprogramed and manual cooking settings. A removable probe extractor helps you to extract the probe from the food.
Large capacity: the battery integrated is rechargeable with the operating time per charge of approx 24 hours and fully recharge in 3 hour

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