The story behind EasyCut

Despite modern technology improving our cooking tools, the lady has never felt them to be practical. She uses a bamboo tray traditionally used for religious devotions to serve as a cutting board for handling food ingredients, because she has found it has advantages that ordinary cutting boards do not have.

When cutting vegetables after washing, the water remaining on leaves flows into the tray, keeping the countertop clean.
When cutting cylindrical ingredients (such as carrots and tomatoes), the finished material does not roll away accidently.
The tray can be used to hold food after cutting (such as fruit and bread) on the dinner table.

The bamboo tray is handy, but the waterproof paint inside would damage one’s health over the long term. Moreover, the tray is too thin, and unsuitable for chopping ingredients.
Therefore, we combined the advantages of a bamboo tray with modern design and food safety, thus creating the EasyCut cutting board.

This is a legacy of our elders, and is a fine design which should be shared with everybody. In addition to making cooking easier, it improves your kitchen decor!
Your support inspires us to create new products.

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