Prime Cast Iron Pot is made of cast iron in its entirety with thickness up to 5mm, which is 70% more than that of ordinary cast iron pot. Extra thickness means completely even conduction and, therefore, is able to reach temperature with less heating. It is energy saving.

The deep of the pot can avoid overflowing while cooking; its narrow bottom design is easy to heat fast. Aided by Prime Cast Iron Pot, we may sauté, simmer, broil, roast, grill, fry or even deep-fry. Plenty of cooking methods are available.

With its various functions of being a steamer, a baking pan, and even a grill, the interior lid is an exclusively innovative design in the market. The design has made it possible to cook two dishes at the same time by using one pot. Because of the material used, the upper part and the lower part can be totally separated, and this will keep flavor from being spoiled because of mixing with others while cooking. Furthermore, the interior lid can be directly heated on a gas stove, which means a barbecue is possible.

The ergonomic design of Prime Cast Iron Pot handle has adequately solved the issue and greatly helped us save force.

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