MOTUS is a nonmetal cookware for next generation that contains the healthiness of natural materials, convenience and function of today’s technology.The color of nature was used as a motif to raise up the luxurious sense of ceramic and the benefits of 5 materials in the practical design were combined. In addition, the powerfulness of straight line and reliable simple line were reflected in modern design. With the technical abilities and modern design, the pressure function was applied to the ceramic cookware first in the world.Based on technical ability of high strength ceramic of Neoplam, the bakelit material with low conductivity was used for the handle of MOTUS, which increased the usability of ceramic cookware.In addition, the standing function was used on the pressure cap for more sanitary and convenient use when cooking.For ceramic pressure pot, the steam function is available inside and outside and designed so that user can use the pressure lip, glass lip and steamer as he/she want. For the safety of pressure pot, the tilting function was applied to the handle so that the pressure can be adjusted automatically if the pressure inside pot is too high.

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