Over 20 years, we had a dream to design a pan that fits the challenges of the Egyptian way of cooking. Among them are: increasing the cooking capacity while keeping the same size of the traditional pan, the possibility of liquid boiling inside the pan without overflowing, a special design for the lid to enhance the circulation of hot air inside the pan, the possibility of entering the pan as it is in the oven and finally, the inner and outer pan angles should be smooth for easy cleaning. In January 2017, we realized our dream by launching a pan meeting all these challenges, the BOMBATO Line. BOMBATO Pans not only have a unique belly shape design but are high in safety and friction resistance. To reach this, Marin Visino, one of the most important designers of moldings, developed a molding that is technically complicated yet still withstands the high tensile stresses. Further, in cooperation with Chemours, we introduced for the first time ever in Egypt a very difficult to produce 7-layer granite non-stick coating & like this the BOMBATO pan became the heaviest & the most suitable pan for Egyptian cooking styles. The BOMBATO Pan meets the requirements of the ISO 14001 certificate.

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