The “Yilan Dinnerware Set” was combined with the local culture pattern design and unique blue and white porcelain techniques, and was designed base on our research for the dietary habit of Taiwanese people. Each blue and white pattern idea was come from observing the natural environment and daily life in Yilan village by our designer, and the craftsmen paint blue and white patterns on dinnerware by using special dyeing method, showing a unique casual atmosphere of lifestyle.
Each piece of “Yilan Dinnerware Set” are handmade, enable to catch warm and simple feel. Each dinnerware Set’s blue and white pattern are represent the spirit of Yilan including Kueishan Island shaped chopstick rests which is symbol of guardian of Yilan, juicy pear big bowl which is symbol of sweet, funny white breasted waterhen chick bowl which is symbol of cheerful, Lanyang river stone plate which is symbol of accumulation, raindrops small plate which is Symbol of homesickness, and the chicken family rice bowl which is Symbol of reunion. “Yilan Dinnerware Set” use simple blue and white style with unique cultural image to communicate with users. These dinnerwares are great for serving up good food, and it`s

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