In Chinese culinary culture, soup is an indispensable dish. Sitting together and having hot soup with family members to share delicious food is of great importance for mutual emotional exchange. People get used to pouring the hot soup out of the pan into a bowl and put it to the table, and then have it together with a spoon, during which they may face the problem of scalding their hands by the utensil as well as placing the spoon.
The molding of this soup bowl is inspired by Chinese traditional architecture by adding the design of wide edge to the lower part. Such wide edge is away from the middle space with hot soup, which can enhance the heat-reduction effect, facilitate the movement of bowl, and provide space to place the spoon.Further, we pay special attention to the size of the bowl and its cover design for the purpose of better putting away the bowl, namely, when the bowl cover is upside down on the bowl, the inner edge can be stuck into the bottom of another bowl, so that they can be smoothly stacked one by one like a tower. Thus, the storage space is saved.In Chinese, ‘Yi’ means ‘desirable and suitable’, which perfectly fits the design of such article, so we name it as Yi.

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