A fine dining and banqueting collection for the international hospitality industry from Steelite International, Willow is designed to be the union of form and function – modern and sleek, yet robust enough to withstand the most rigorous commercial environments.
Willow features a delicate embossed interweave design that mirrors traditional woven craft. Its tactile aesthetic is ‘The New White’. The combination of crisp style and precision technology reproduces the natural qualities of willow – a pale, beautiful wood with hidden inner strength.
The collection is designed to make banqueting operations efficient and cost-effective. The deep pattern of the wide rim plate, with a choice of well size, produces a single plate dimension spanning the collection, so operators need only one set of plate covers. The mid rim plate profile regulates portion size, helping operators to reduce wastage and control costs.
Steelite’s lifetime edge chip warranty guarantees Willow against cracks and breakages, providing both form and function in its design. Steelite’s ‘Made in England’ ethos extends to the clay – sourced in Devon and Cornwall – and it recycles more than 98% of manufacturing waste.

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