Calligraphy appreciation brings me great pleasure, in which we enjoy looking at the running brush strokes and imaginative spaces constructed. We particularly interested in exploring fascinating calligraphic details and this inspires us in creating the plate series. Like chapters in a symphony, each single plate embodies different calligraphic details, with distinguished characteristics that one could enjoy and appreciate. When all 6 plates join together, a completed calligraphy is formed.Integrating with everyday life, the set is not restricted to visual appreciation but could also be part of the tableware.
“Via Negativa” is the set of calligraphy composed by Ms. Tong Yangtze. They are “Inexhaustible”, “No self”, “Impervious”, “Endless”, “No Space”, “Unintentional”, “Without action”, “Not Busy”. “Ataraxia” and “But there are things one will not do”.

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