“Coffee and Tea for one” is a creative multi-function daily product which could be used to brew both tea and coffee. The product has a unique patent stainless steel infuser design inside. With a simple flip of the infuser, it changes from a tea infuser to a coffee brewer.

The infuser comes with two different sizes of perforation in order to serve the best flavor for both brewing tea and coffee. In addition, the 2 sizes of perforation are well designed to keep tea leaves or coffee powder from leaking out.

Once the brew is complete, the silicone lid can simply be flipped over and used as a drip tray for the infuser which not only keep the table clean but also prevent the leaves from being steeping too long.

The product is made in porcelain with a shiny easy-to-clean glaze inside and non-glaze on the outside, which is both rustic and elegant. The rustic appearance adds a warm, tranquil touch. Every individual items could be easily stored in the big pot which saves the space.

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