Making tea extraction ultimately simple
This is a personal teapot designed by thinking about what tea, luxury drinks, should be in the modern age where personal taste is diversified and subdivided into segments. As with wine, the taste of tea also varies with locality and cultivar. In order to turn attention to tea leaves as an agricultural product, this teapot provides seeing leaves opening in hot water, as well as water’s color changing. Minimalizing the process of tea extraction, shaping to fill the amount of hot water for one person, 120ml, omitting measuring water.
The product is made by extreme thick resin molding technique with only one-time molding which enables no parting line, gate marks or burrs. The thickness (up to 18mm) is conducted by an unique technique which precisely integrates injection speed, pressure and cooling circuit, that actualized 3 innovative designs. First, it is breakage-proof and even has the transparency like glass. Second, because it’s insulated, no handle is needed, which makes it stackable and space-saving. Third, anyone can make tea easily because the inner capacity has just enough for one person. These features enriche your tea life.

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